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It is now possible to sign up for the 3. German Trilobite Symposium

Please sign up for the symposium as early as possible. This will help planning and organizing the conference.

Deadline is at 02nd October 2016 by midnight.

Nevertheless latecomers and those who made up their mind after 02nd October are still welcome, but they will be charged a higher registration fee of 25€ instead of 20€.

There are two ways of registration: via e-mail or postal

Via e-mail:

Please use our registration form in the downloads section Registration_form.txt file. Download the file and fill it in with a word processing program. Save it as a simple text file with the ending *.txt. Send the text file to szwanzig@t-online.de. You will receive a verification.

Via postal:

Please use the same registration form in the download section that is used for registration via email. Instead, just print it and fill it in. Send the form to

Michael Zwanzig, Scheiblerstraße 26, D-12437 Berlin, Germany

We will take care of your personal data. We will not hand them over to a third party. As we create name tags which will be handed to you at the entrance of the conference, we kindly ask you to send at least for your name, surname and place of residence.


How to sign up for the exhibition?

All collectors are invited to bring along beautiful, remarkable or simply extraordinary specimens of their collection to present them in the trilobite exhibition. If you are interested, please fill in the extra space in our registration form. More information and conditions can be found in the file Exhibition.pdf in the downloads section.

The deadline for the exhibition pieces is the 2nd October 2016 by midnight.

How to sign up for a lecture?

Collectors, students, amateur palaeontologists and academics are most welcome to give a lecture and pass on their knowledge to a very interested auditorium. The duration of a lecture should normally take 15 minutes. The main language for this symposium is German. But lectures given in English are also welcome. We are pleased about everybody from abroad who likes to share his or her experience with us. If you are interested to give a lecture please fill in the appropriate space in our registration form. More information can be found in the file Lecture.pdf in the downloads section.

Deadline for a lecture is 11th September 2016 by midnight.

Please spread the news about our conference to everyone in your circle who is interested in trilobites. If those collectors don't have their own internet access, please help them to register for our symposium. Send their registration form to us by e-mail or hand out a printed form to them. Thank you very much for your support!

Placoparia sp., Ordovizium, Osek, (Kugellänge 32mm), Foto: S. Liebermann