Conference Programme


Deadlines & Fees



Oral Presentations

Arrival & Accomodation




Deadlines & Fees



Registration for Participants:

Deadline for the regular registration ends at 02nd October 2016 at 24:00.

Registration with exhibition pieces:

Deadline for the registration with exhibition pieces is 02nd October 2016 at 24:00.

Registration with a lecture:

Deadline for a lecture registration is the 11th September at 24:00.


Symposium Fee:

The symposium is a „low budget“ event. Everyone who is interested in trilobites should have the possibility to attend the symposium, even those who find it difficult to apply the travel expenses and registration fee. Thus the registration fee is fix at

20.00 EUR

The registration fee will include the small break catering on Saturday and Sunday, as well as the dinner at Saturday, except provided beverages that have to be paid separately.

The Lecturers are exempt from the registration fee.

We offer a reduced fee for unemployed persons, pupils and students, they have to pay only 10.00 EUR.

The registration fee has to be paid at arrival.


Leonaspis kleini, Length 28mm, Quarry Heckelmannmühle near Steinsberg, uppermost Lower Devonian, Picture: S. Liebermann


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